Home Owners

getting to know you

The most important thing is to build a strong foundation. Through the first few interactions we like to absorb and understand exactly what you need. This phase is intended to share with you our initial concepts customised for you and to articulate a shared vision for the project. At this stage we also discuss your budget which helps determine all of our options to bring out the potential of each space.

Locking in the Design Brief

Each area of your home is detailed out based on your preferences in style, colour, functionality and other requirements. Our design team shares mood boards which will help you get a conceptual idea of what styles you prefer. When you’re happy with what you see, we move onto the next chapter!

Floor Plans and Functional Layouts

We maximise the spatial potential of the floor plan respecting the aesthetic arrangement of each room based on functionality of use and storage potential.

Visualisation and Mood Boards

Once the design brief and layouts have been locked in we move into a full visualisation of your space. You can see the story come together with 2D & 3D renderings and mood & material boards of each room. Realistic recreations of the space include floor and wall treatments and colours. This stage is a window into what you can expect from the final product.

Material Costing and Approvals

We ensure that your preferences are met by proposing the use of appropriate materials within the pre-decided budget. All details pertaining to the cost of materials are shared with complete transparency.


We provide a set of 2D mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings to ensure complete coordination with the execution partners. Our teams together with yours ensure ideal design is then executed within a time-frame with attention to detail and finesse. Completing the space with its soft furnishings, lighting, carpets, and decor accessories is achieved through domestic and global sourcing for the same.

However, the story does not end here. We hold ourselves to high standards of quality and it is imperative to us that you are satisfied with the final product. We are always happy to help you add and refresh the personal elements that make you feel like you fit right into the space, and the space fits right into your story.