Architects & Interior Designers

Over the last 15 years apartment9 has worked with some of the largest names in the industry. With experience comes expertise and a deep-rooted understanding of how to deliver the perfect product. We partner with various architects and designers and act as the conduit between their vision of the project and bringing it to reality. Our services have extended to include execution of the millwork and bespoke furniture. We both manufacture and source the products from the world over, specific to every project and ensure satisfaction through personalisation and customisation.

At apartment9 we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the design sensibilities required when collaborating on a project. We begin by taking a Design Brief from the principal architect or designer and understanding their working drawings. Our team strives to gel with partnering teams and apply relevant feedback the way the Principal Architect wants. To enable efficient communication is important to ensure things move smoothly without any hindrances. Our team provides the timeline and costs for the execution of the locked in design. Upon satisfaction of the homeowner and the partner teams we step into manufacturing of the same.

Quality is the basic requirement in every product, but at apartment9 we strive for finesse through our highly trained design professionals and state of the art manufacturing facility.
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